We know how challenging the hospitality market can be – expedited lead times and quick turns from sample to production are essential. By virtue of our company owned factories we control all production runs, costs and lead times, and are able to prioritize projects along with the shifting needs of our customers.

In today’s competitive world of outsourced manufacturing, our experience, access and quality-control is unmatched. With the factories under our complete control, all of our international offices communicate via the same hardware and operating systems – an integrated alignment that allows us to tightly track orders, identifying and remedying potential problems before they can affect quality or delivery.

Our technologically advanced manufacturing facilities boasts over 1,000,000 sq.ft. in total of useable space. The most recent expansion, occurring in 2017, is our Exactwood Vietnam location.

Employing over 1,500 production and office personnel, our facilities includes a full R&D department with CAD expertise and executing drawings in-house from concept to final specification.