The hospitality market has special needs. Sample pieces are unique and need to be turned around quickly for review. We endeavor to be a consultative partner, understanding not just your furniture needs, but the desired customer experience you are creating for your property.

Our professional team delivers an unparalleled process and experience for your custom manufacturing and sample needs. To ensure results that are on-time and on-target we’ve developed a streamlined process and maintain open communication throughout the development phase.

Upon being presented with a concept or idea by your designer, specifier or purchasing agent, we immediately put our engineers to work producing a 3D CAD rendering. During this R&D period our team simultaneously works with you to identify and designate the proper materials and finishes. Upon your approval, our fully equipped sample shop has everything they need in-house to produce top-quality custom furnishings, all built by hand, within 2-4 weeks.


Proper materials are the key component in the ultimate durability, comfort, aesthetics and cost of your furniture. From natural wood to composite laminates, glass and upholstery, we identify and offer the most advanced, durable and cost-effective material options.

Various available wood species, and even more available wood veneers, combined with upholstery and metal capabilities, mean your furniture will be constructed from high-quality materials that can stand up to the continued use of your hospitality environment.


Our comprehensive logistics service distinguishes us from our peers and is unmatched. This is especially true for hospitality clients, who often have simultaneous needs across multiple locations and projects. With our own in-line logistics department in the United States, and a unified tracking and monitoring system for all our international facilities, we provide turnkey fulfillment of your order.

This flexibility takes the worry out of filling overseas containers and arranging freight to the project site once your products are stateside. We handle all aspects of shipping, including container bookings and insurance, ocean freight, customs clearance, mini land bridge, and local freight solutions.

Quality checks are conducted prior to each piece being carefully wrapped, packed or crated. Custom packing solutions are used for custom pieces. The entire process is rooted in eliminating potential shipping damage, so your furniture arrives to its final destination in pristine condition.

Our experience assures you that you goods will be delivered quickly, safely, and accurately – keeping your project on schedule and on budget.


With our roots in sourcing, Exact Commerce USA has over 30 years of experience as one of the furniture industries’ most trusted and experienced supply chain partners. We have worked extensively with all of our suppliers and manufacturing partners, taking the risk out of dealing with a complex global market.

This experience helps you gain a competitive advantage, allowing you to control margins and project costs. We provide clients with globally competitive prices, quality control and peace of mind.